Holden HR 1966 to 1968.

Holden HR 
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The Holden HR is an automobile that was produced by Holden in Australia from 1966 to 1968.

The Holden HR range was released in April 1966 In addition to a revised grille, the HR featured a reworked roofline and larger rear window (on the sedans), revised rear lights (on sedans and wagons) and changes to almost all exterior body panels. Other changes included revised ball joint front suspension, widened track, improved interior trim and woodgrain interior finish for the Premier models. Six months after the launch of the HR, all models were given a safety upgrade with the addition of front safety belts, windscreen washers, reversing lights, padded sun visors and a shatterproof interior rearview mirror

Holden HR V8 

Engines and transmissions

The two versions of the inline six-cylinder Holden Red motor were carried across from the HD series, both with increased engine capacity and a higher compression ratio  (9.2:1).The 114 bhp 161 cu in (2.6 L) six was standard in all models except the Premiers. A 126 bhp 186 cu in (3.0 L) six was standard on Premiers and optional on all other models. The 145 bhp twin carburettor "X2" version of the "186" was initially available as an option on all models. The "X2" was replaced by the 145 bhp "186S" in June 1967, the new version fitted with a single two barrel carburettor.

A lower compression (8.2:1) version of the 161 cu in (2.6 L) six was also available.

A three-speed manual gearbox with column change or (3 on the tree) was standard on the HR with a two speed "Powerglide" automatic transmission available as an option. An Opel four-speed manual gearbox was offered from June 1967.

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