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As Australia’s vaccination bungle becomes clear, Morrison’s political pain is only just beginning

Prime Minister Scott Morrison (ScoMo) Among many surprising things about 2020 was how a novel coronavirus drove an equally novel upending of Australia’s political orthodoxy. The hackneyed election straightener, “it’s the economy, stupid”, got shoved aside for a refreshing new imperative, “it’s the community, stupid”. Australians unhesitatingly turned to government, embraced expertise, and willingly abided by society-wide deprivations in the interests of the whole. Read more: Australian vaccine rollout needs all hands on deck after the latest AstraZeneca news, mass vaccination hubs included Reluctantly at first, centre-right politicians fell into line. Those who had built their careers on the virtues of small-government and gruff fiscal discipline, flipped to become big spending hyper-Keynesians. Necessarily, political combat took a back seat to problem-solving. In an atmosphere of policy-not-politics, voters backed incumbent governments, marking

PM Morrison issues urgent new advice for AstraZeneca vaccine

Earlier this evening the Australian Government received advice from the vaccine expert taskforce, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). The detail of that advice is attached. The Government accepts the advice from Australia’s medical experts and will move swiftly to ensure Australia’s vaccination program and advice to patients is adjusted accordingly. The Australian Government places safety above all else, as it has done throughout the pandemic, and will continue to follow the medical advice in protecting Australians. The ATAGI advice is clear that the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine is highly effective in preventing severe disease caused by COVID-19. The medical advice to the Government is that the risk of blood clotting side effects from the Astra Zeneca vaccine is four to six in one million people, in the first four to 20 days post the vaccine.  This is a rare but serious side effect. On that basis, the recommendation is that it is preferred that the Pfizer v

Queensland Disaster assistance extended to communities and primary producers

Queensland Floods Photo YouTube Disaster assistance has been extended to assist the recovery of additional communities and primary producers following the heavy rainfall and flash flooding in Southern Queensland last month. Assistance is being delivered through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA). Minister for Emergency Management David Littleproud said the DRFA assistance would provide financial support in the form of freight subsidies and concessional loans to help primary producers in Goondiwindi. "Cotton growers in our border towns were heavily impacted by this extreme weather event, particularly in the Texas region where hundreds of hectares were badly damaged or completely wiped out," Minister Littleproud said. “Primary producers can now access concessional loans of up $250,000 to repair or replace damaged buildings or plant and equipment affected by the flooding and essential working capital loans of up to $100,000. “Frei

Yes, the culture in Parliament House is appalling. But there are systemic problems that also need urgent reform

The Conversation Since news broke last week of Brittany Higgins’ alleged rape in a ministerial office in 2019, three other women have come forward , alleging sexual assault by the same Morrison government ministerial staffer. Higgins is expected to make a formal complaint to police this week. Each allegation sheds light on a system that privileges political considerations above everything, and enables and emboldens systematic and highly gendered abuses of power. By Friday, four separate inquiries had been launched. These include a review of culture in Coalition MPs’ offices a review of the formal links between the Department of Finance (which administers ministerial and parliamentary services) and parliamentary offices a review of correspondence to determine when and who within the prime minister’s office had been informed of Higgins’ allegations a cross-party review of workplace culture in Parliament House. This fourth review seem to be the most substantive, and has draw

Hanson causes uproar in Senate, Rorting in Indigenous Industry needs to end

Pauline Hanson attempted to use my Senate time to have the issue of the abuse and corruption that is rife in the indigenous industry debated in the Senate. Sadly, the Greens decided to use every procedural trick in the book to run down the clock and silence debate, as you will see if you watch this video. Senator Hanson : I move: That the Senate agrees that there should be no discrimination based on skin colour, race, religion or ethnic background when determining the level and use of funding in all cases where: (a) government funding is made available to Australian-based community programs; and (b) grants are made to assist and empower communities to escape the cycles of poverty, unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, and violence. I rise to bring to the attention of senators and the people of Australia , yet again, the inequality that exists in the funding of Indigenous programs, and the continuing desperate circumstances of the victims of this financial bastardry and mismanagement.

Dan Andrews Victoria will go into stage 4 lockdown restrictions at Midnight

Dan Andrews Photo facebook Andrews: I won’t waste words: today hurts.  Victorians know, better than anyone, just how deeply.  But as we’ve seen – here in Australia and around the world – we are facing a new kind of enemy. A virus that is smarter, and faster, and more infectious.  And until we have a vaccine, we need to do everything we can to keep this virus at bay. In the past 24 hours, five new cases have been identified. It shows just how incredibly infectious this virus is. And our public health team tell us it’s only getting faster. Right now, we are reaching close contacts well within the 48-hour benchmark. But the time between exposure, incubation, symptoms and testing positive is rapidly shortening.  So much so, that even secondary close contacts are potentially infectious within that 48-hour window. In short: this hyper-infectious variant is moving at hyper-speed. It’s why on the advice of our public health experts, the whole of Victoria will move to circuit-breaker action fro

Thorpe, Government connected to Far-Right Nazis. Hanson hits back lies of reality by extremists from the Left

Senator Hanson and Thorpe The Greens Senator Lidia THORPE: MATTERS OF URGENCY - National Security: I rise to speak on this motion, and I thank Senator Lines for putting it before this chamber. It's very disturbing to hear the comments that people are making in this chamber. This is absolutely critical right now in this country because it is getting worse, and there is deep division in this country where we are meant to be uniting—as people who represent our constituents and the people of Australia. It's deeply saddening that we have a government who is so connected to the far-Right, to the fascists, to the Nazis. It's deeply disturbing. I have been on the receiving end of these racists, these violent perpetrators that don't like anybody else but themselves and the whiteness that they bring. When I was 14 and I started my first job, I rocked up to work one day and there was 'coon' written across the window, in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. When I had my first child,

Services Australia Economic Support $250 Payment in March

The Economic Support Payment is an extra payment to support people impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19). You’ll get the payment from early March if you’re: living in Australia and getting an eligible payment or concession card on 26 February 2021. You need to get certain payments to get the Economic Support Payment. Services Australia pays 2 more Economic Support Payments , 1 from December 2020 and 1 in March 2021. You must get an eligible payment or concession card and be living in Australia to get the payments. Services Australia pay the Economic Support Payments straight into your bank account. If you have a Cashless Debit Card they will pay the Economic Support Payments onto your card. If you’re income managed, the payments will be 100% income managed. Generally, you won’t get the Economic Support Payment if you get $1 or more of the  Coronavirus Supplement . You’ll get the payment if you get one of the following: Age Pension Carer Allowance Carer Payment Commonwealth Seniors Health

PM Morrison said the F-35A fleet was now 33 strong and ready to deploy on operations

ScoMo: The first F-35A aircraft has been inducted into BAE Systems Australia’s (BAESA) maintenance depot as part of the next major milestone in the Joint Strike Fighter Program. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the F-35A fleet was now 33 strong and ready to deploy on operations. “This is about protecting and securing Australia’s interests but it’s also creating jobs and driving investment right here in the Hunter and across the country too,” the Prime Minister said. “This induction demonstrates the world-leading capability of our local defence industry here in Australia. “We want to give as many opportunities to Australian companies as possible which is why there’s already more than 50 local companies sharing in $2.7 billion worth of contracts as part of the F-35 Program. “As we recover from the COVID recession a key plank of our Economic Recovery Plan is our $270 billion investment in Defence capability over the next decade and our $65 billion commitment in air capabilities which in

PM Morison holds warm and engaging call with Biden

PM Scott Morrison PM Scott Morrison, I had a very warm and engaging call with Joe Biden. And we appreciated the opportunity to have that conversation in an early phase, amongst the many nations that have been engaged with early on in that process. As he said to me again today, he sees the Australia - US relationship as providing the anchor for peace and security in our region. And that is true. We share that view. In terms of our relations between Australia and the United States, there's nothing to fix there, only things to build on, and we intend to do just that. We talked about the stewardship we share, A stewardship that has been held by prime ministers and presidents over a very long time, and particularly this year. Some 70 years of the ANZUS Alliance that we will celebrate in September of this year. I spoke to former prime minister Howard when we were at Doug Anthony's funeral the other day, and he reminded me that it was 20 years ago in September, when he was in the Uni

PM Morrison at a national press club address,; COVID-19 Big Plans for Australia going forward

PM Scott Morrison Prime Minister:  Thank you very much, Laura, and to everybody who is here today. I, of course, begin by acknowledging the Ngunnawal people, their elders past, present and the future. Can I also acknowledge any veterans who are with us today, serving men and women of our Australian Defence Force and say to them thank you for your service. Can I also acknowledge today the beautiful Abdallah and Sakr families on this first national i4Give Day, as we remember their four beautiful angels - Antony, Angelique, Sienna and Veronique - who were taken from us this day a year ago. I also welcome the very many of my colleagues who are here today. Of course, led by the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. It is great to have you all here today and I acknowledge you all and the great job you have been doing and I know you will do over the course of this year. In 2020, I said we would not let this virus break our Australian spirit. It hasn’t, and it won’t. I said we always believed ourselves a

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