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Media Releases are sent to me directly from World Governments, I will only Publish the truth no spin and I Make and Edit Videos and Images, Build my own Blogs and I publish the Articles. I'm Mr Blow the Truth

Sorry most of my Personal Information has been removed because of serious criminals trying to fleece money 

Blow the Truth is an independent news Blog, Funded by Sam Bernardo and Adsence Google auto ads. 
In 2006 Scorching Hot News was my first News Website where I self-taught how to do video editing, building websites and photo editing. Yes, it was my first step into the Media World and a lot of learning was done in those days.
 After 6 months I made a decision to start again from Scratch. Thus, it is a private News Website established to Publish the real News and Government Media Releasers from the White House, Australian Commonwealth and States for the public benefit.

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