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Hanson causes uproar in Senate, Rorting in Indigenous Industry needs to end

Pauline Hanson attempted to use my Senate time to have the issue of the abuse and corruption that is rife in the indigenous industry debated in the Senate. Sadly, the Greens decided to use every procedural trick in the book to run down the clock and silence debate, as you will see if you watch this video. Senator Hanson : I move: That the Senate agrees that there should be no discrimination based on skin colour, race, religion or ethnic background when determining the level and use of funding in all cases where: (a) government funding is made available to Australian-based community programs; and (b) grants are made to assist and empower communities to escape the cycles of poverty, unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse, and violence. I rise to bring to the attention of senators and the people of Australia , yet again, the inequality that exists in the funding of Indigenous programs, and the continuing desperate circumstances of the victims of this financial bastardry and mismanagement.

Thorpe, Government connected to Far-Right Nazis. Hanson hits back lies of reality by extremists from the Left

Senator Hanson and Thorpe The Greens Senator Lidia THORPE: MATTERS OF URGENCY - National Security: I rise to speak on this motion, and I thank Senator Lines for putting it before this chamber. It's very disturbing to hear the comments that people are making in this chamber. This is absolutely critical right now in this country because it is getting worse, and there is deep division in this country where we are meant to be uniting—as people who represent our constituents and the people of Australia. It's deeply saddening that we have a government who is so connected to the far-Right, to the fascists, to the Nazis. It's deeply disturbing. I have been on the receiving end of these racists, these violent perpetrators that don't like anybody else but themselves and the whiteness that they bring. When I was 14 and I started my first job, I rocked up to work one day and there was 'coon' written across the window, in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. When I had my first child,

Hanson comments on Cashless Welfare Card, Outrage from Greens Senator Thorpe

Senator Hanson: The fact that the Social Security (Administration) Amendment (Continuation of Cashless Welfare) Bill 2020 is going to struggle to be supported is a very sad indictment of who we have become as a nation and, more importantly, what we have become as a Senate. It should be passing with strong support from all sides of the chamber. The cashless debit card trials have made sure that some of the most disadvantaged people in Australia have meals in their stomachs and that they and their children have clothes on their backs and shoes on their feet. Thanks to the card, there is fuel in their cars and a roof over their heads because their rent and household bills have been paid. The card does this by ensuring that 80 per cent of the social security funds people receive are spent only on the necessities of life. It only applies to welfare recipients of working age and excludes those on age and veterans affairs pensions. It seems harsh and controlling to some, but if there is ill-d

Hanson' The JobMaker scheme has not been properly thought through

Senator Pauline HANSON: Economic Recovery Package (JobMaker Hiring Credit) Amendment Bill   (Queensland—Leader of Pauline Hanson's One Nation): The JobMaker scheme has not been properly thought through. It has too many flaws to successfully entice businesses into hiring extra employees and help rebuild the employment sector post-COVID-19. This pandemic induced recession is an extraordinary once-in-100-year event that has brought Australia and much of the world to its financial knees, and it needs something special to turn it around. JobMaker falls short. The Senate might recall that on 24 February I was the first member of the Senate to question why the Morrison government allowed Australian universities to put profits before the health and security of this nation. Why I asked that series of questions was that a handful of universities here in Australia were circumventing international border closures unnecessarily and further spreading cases of the virus. It was a precursor to the

Pauline Hanson One Nation Hemp Bill Passes Parliament

Senator HANSON: The Export Control Legislation Amendment (Certification of Narcotic Exports) Bill 17/06/2020 is another example of the commitment One Nation and I made to the Australian people that we would pursue changes in our laws to unwind the stranglehold on the cannabis industry. Facebook Video I need to pay respect to Senators Cormann and Kitching for their combined efforts to assist me in making this bill pass the parliament. My office reached out to the minister for agriculture, who is also the Deputy Leader of the National Party, David Littleproud. Minister Littleproud originally had no interest in making this bill come before the parliament, even though market standards predict global industry hemp demand is projected to grow from $4.6 billion to $26.6 billion over the next five years. I was listening to Senator Davey's comment that they're really interested in growing the agricultural industry in Austr

Pauline Hanson motion all lives matter failed in the Senate, Pauline says the gutless government voted against

Pauline Hanson motion all lives matter failed in the Senate, Pauline says the gutless government voted against Senator PAULINE HANSON  (Queensland): I ask that general business notice of motion No. 612 standing in my name today relating to all lives matter be taken as a formal motion. The PRESIDENT: Is there any objection to this motion being taken as formal? There is. Formality is denied, Senator Hanson. Senator HANSON:  Pursuant to contingent notice, I move: That so much of the standing orders be suspended as would prevent the motion being moved immediately and determined without amendment or debate. The PRESIDENT: As senators know, we now put those motions without the traditional debate in this section of the day. The question is to suspend standing orders to deal with matter No. 612. Hide Division Data  Division: NOES 51 (49 majority) AYES 2 PAIRS 0

Hanson: Palaszczuk allowing activists to breach COVID-19.

Senator HANSON (Queensland) : The matter of public importance I have raised today is based on our state governments, in particular the weak leadership of Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, allowing activists to breach COVID-19 restrictions without punishment even as these same restrictions are devastating jobs, businesses and lives. It's a grave insult to all law-abiding Australians. Last weekend we saw tens of thousands of Australians pack city centres across the nation protesting for Black Lives Matter. This protest started in the United States with the unnecessary death of a black American at the hands of police officers. No-one could possibly condone the way in which George Floyd died, but what upsets me is the attitude of many people, black and white, that his death matters more because he is black, and yet when a white 40-year-old Australian-American woman by the name of Justine Damond was shot, there was no protest. No-one really cared, because she was white. George F

Hanson: We do not want migrants to return to Australia in the same numbers

Senator Pauline Hanson (Queensland) : One Nation submitted today's matter of public importance: (Migration May 2020) When Australia restarts our migration program, we do not want migrants to return to Australia in the same numbers and in the same composition as before the crisis. I have to admit that they are not my words; they are Senator Keneally's words, which she used in her article. It's quite interesting. I've always said there should be a debate on this, and I'm pleased that we actually got to call on this debate. Forcing debate about immigration and foreign workers is often a thankless task. No-one knows this more than me. When you bring up facts such as more than half of the nation's population growth since 2005 has come from overseas migration, you get called a racist. When you explain that instead of flooding Australia with migrants to drive economic growth we should be increasing productivity or investing in skills and training, people call you xenop

Pauline Hanson, Closing the Gap is complete rubbish

Senator Pauline Hanson Closing the Gap Senate Speech:  When I speak here today I hope that I am going to get across the voice of many Australians. I've never been a pretender, and the people of Australia are relying on me to speak openly and honestly about this issue of closing the gap. Closing the Gap is complete rubbish, and my thoughts are echoed by many Aboriginals who take the time to meet with me. As far as I'm concerned, it's a joke. The call for recognition is just a feel-good smokescreen that hides the true problems. The biggest problem facing Aboriginal Australians today is their own lack of commitment and responsibility to helping themselves.   Closing the Gap is the marketing term used by politicians and bureaucrats so they can feel good about themselves and get in front of TV cameras and pretend they're doing something to lift remote First Nations people out of their self-perpetuating hell holes. Most Australians know that tens of billions of dollars are sp

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