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President Putin Telephone conversation with US Joseph Biden

President Vladimir Putin A telephone conversation initiated by the United States took place between President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and leader of the United States of America Joseph Biden. The current state of Russia-US relations and certain pressing items on the international agenda were discussed in detail.  Joseph Biden  confirmed the previously transmitted invitation to the President of Russia to take part in the virtual Leaders Summit on Climate, which will be held on April 22–23. Both presidents expressed their willingness to continue the dialogue on the critical areas of ensuring global security, which would meet the interests not only of Russia and the United States, but the entire international community. In addition, Joseph Biden expressed interest in normalising the state of affairs on the bilateral track and establishing stable and predictable interaction on pressing matters such as ensuring strategic stability and arms control, Iran’s nuclear programme,

Vladimir Putin working group on climate change and sustainable development

Adviser to the President and Special Presidential Representative on Climate Issues Russian Edelgeriyev held the 33 rd  meeting of the Presidential Executive Office interdepartmental working group on climate change and sustainable development. The meeting participants discussed, in particular, creating a unified system for monitoring the emission and absorption of greenhouse gases on the territory of Russia. The development of such a system is contemplated as part of the Comprehensive Information System of Environmental Monitoring in Russia. There was also a discussion on posting information updates on the websites of federal executive authorities regarding progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the work of the expert group on information and statistical support for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals under the interdepartmental working group. The expert group has prepared a draft list of national indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals, which incl

Putin sent greetings to Christians and all Russians celebrating Christmas.

The President’s message reads, in part: “This wonderful holiday illuminates the world with a light of love and kindness, gives joy and hope to millions of people and guides them towards timeless spiritual values. It is crucial that the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as other Christian denominations, constantly focus on the issues of the moral health of society, on strengthening the institution of the family and raising the younger generation, and that they sincerely care about maintaining inter-ethnic and inter-faith dialogue.” On Christmas Eve, the President attended mass at the Church of St Nicholas located on the island of Lipno, Lake Ilmen, eight kilometres from Veliky Novgorod. The Church was built in 1292 by Archbishop Clement on the site where the miracle-working icon of St Nicholas of Myra was found. It is the oldest remaining church in Russia built after the Mongol invasion. The church has undergone several restorations including in 2017–2019. Now the landmark has been resto

Putin addressed heads of G20 member countries, Trump on Centre Screen.

Vladimir Putin addressed the meeting of the heads of delegations of the G20 member countries, invited states and international organisations. The summit chaired by Saudi Arabia is held via videoconference on November 21–22. The forum’s agenda includes issues of tackling the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, providing universal access to vaccines, strengthening healthcare systems, global economic recovery and employment, as well as cooperation in the digital economy, fighting climate change, environmental protection and countering corruption. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues , The scope of problems humanity has faced in 2020 are truly unprecedented. The coronavirus pandemic, global lockdown and frozen economic activity have launched a systemic economic crisis the world probably has not known since the Great Depression. The growth of national economies has been severely undermined. The pandemic claimed dozens, hundreds of thousands of lives while millions of people have

Vladimir Putin meeting President of Syria Bashar al-Assad

Vladimir Putin had a meeting, via videoconference, with President of the Syrian Arab Republic Bashar al-Assad. President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good afternoon, Mr President. Glad to see you. Russia is continuing to make intensive efforts to facilitate a long-term settlement in Syria, restoring its sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity. In this context, I should note the productivity of the Astana format that also involves our partners from Iran and Turkey. We have achieved great progress thanks to our joint efforts: the hotbed of international terrorism in Syria has been almost completely eliminated; the level of violence has been reduced significantly. The country is returning to a peaceful life while an inclusive political process continues under the auspices of the United Nations. At this point, Syria’s post-conflict recovery is crucial – primarily, the return of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons to their homes. As we know, this is one of the k

Putin, Russia successfully tests new hypersonic Tsirkon missile

President Vladimir Putin met with Chief of the General Staff of Russia’s Armed Forces – First Deputy Defence Minister Valery Gerasimov. President of Russia Vladimir Putin : Good afternoon, Mr Gerasimov. Go ahead, please. Chief of the General Staff of  Russia’s Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov: Good afternoon, Comrade Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Frigate Admiral Gorshkov deployed in the White Sea a Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile at a sea target in the Barents Sea. Photo Kremlin Here is what I have to report. At 7:15 am yesterday, the frigate Admiral Gorshkov deployed in the White Sea, for the first time fired a Tsirkon hypersonic cruise missile at a sea target in the Barents Sea. The goal has been achieved. The test firing has been declared successful. The missile destroyed the target in a direct hit. The missile covered a distance of 450 kilometres. The maximum altitude of its trajectory was 28 kilometres. The flight lasted 4.5 minutes. The missile reached the hypersonic speed of over

Putin sends a message of encouragement to the Trump family

Vladimir Putin sent a message of encouragement to the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, wishing him and the First Lady a speedy recovery and expressing sincere support at this difficult moment. “I am sure that your inherent vitality, vigour and optimism will help you overcome the dangerous virus,” the President of Russia wrote. Source Kremlin The day before President Trump Corona Virus Scare, Vladimir Putin made a statement of the presidents of Russia, the United States and The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the President of the United States of America Donald Trump and the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron, representing the Co-Chair countries of the OSCE Minsk Group, condemn in the strongest terms the recent escalation of violence along the Line of Contact in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone. We deplore the loss of human lives and extend our condolences to the families of those killed and injured. We call for an immediate

Putin Launching motor traffic on completed sections of Taurida motorway

Vladimir Putin working trip to the Republic of Crimea, Vladimir Putin took part in the launch of motor traffic on the finished sections of the Taurida motorway.  President Putin drove an Aurus limousine along a newly-built section of the Taurida motorway with Minister of Transport Yevgeny Ditrikh, VAD Director General Valery Abramov and VAD Chief Production Engineer Andrei Volkov. Vladimir Putin drives an Aurus limousine along a newly built section of the Taurida motorway. Photo Kremlin President Putin inspected information boards highlighting the stages of building the motorway and spoke briefly with VAD workers. While speaking with the workers, the President noted that this road would spur the development of the entire peninsula. It is just as important as the power sector and water supply. Regional water shortages will also be resolved. All this allows Crimea to develop at the desired pace. Vladimir Putin also said that the Development of Crimea programme had been extended until 202

President Putin Meeting of leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey on a Syrian settlement

Vladimir Putin, President of Iran Hassan Rouhani and President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan held a trilateral video conference meeting of the heads of state – guarantors of the Astana process for facilitating the Syrian peace settlement. Following the meeting, the leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey adopted a joint statement. The presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran held their first summit on Syria in Sochi in November 2017. Talks on the Syrian settlement between the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran were also held in Ankara (April 2018), Tehran (September 2018), Sochi (February 2019) and Ankara (September 2019). Speech at the meeting of leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey on Syrian settlement President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues, Mr Rouhani, Mr Erdogan, I am also pleased to see all of you today and have a chance to discuss one of the most sensitive issues on the current international agenda. However, before we start, I would like to express my condolences to the President

Trump invites Putin, Australia, India and Korea to G7 summit in the USA

    President of Russia Media Release: Telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the United States of America Donald Trump at the initiative of the American side. The presidents exchanged views on the coronavirus response measures taken by both countries. Vladimir Putin expressed appreciation for the supply of US ventilators to Russia. The Russian President congratulated Donald Trump on the successful launch of the Crew Dragon manned spacecraft on May 30, which carried American astronauts to the International Space Station. A common attitude towards the development of mutually beneficial cooperation in the space sector was confirmed. The presidents addressed world oil market developments in the context of implementing the OPEC+ agreement. It was stated that this multilateral agreement, reached with the active support of the presidents of Russia and the United States, would lead to a gradual restoration of oil de

Putin, I extend greetings to all Christians on the day of Christ’s Resurrection

Vladimir Putin greeted Orthodox Christians and all citizens of Russia celebrating Easter Sunday. With great sincerity, I extend greetings to all Christians on the day of Christ’s Resurrection, the great holiday of Easter. I know that members of all religious denominations and followers of all traditional religions in Russia will join me in these greetings. This year celebrations are being held under mandated restrictions. They are necessary to fight the spread of the coronavirus infection, a disease that is by now known throughout the world. By joining efforts, together we are overcoming challenges as they emerge. And as I have repeatedly said, we have everything we need for this – a healthy and strong economy, scientific capabilities, the necessary material base and highly professional healthcare. We are carefully monitoring the experience of foreign countries and are engaged in active cooperation with our foreign friends and colleagues. We are aware of what is going on and see the ri

Vladimir Putin had conversation with US President Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin had a conversation with US President Donald Trump Telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump Vladimir Putin and President of the United States of America Donald Trump had a lengthy conversation during a call initiated by the US. The two presidents expressed serious concern over the scale of the spread of the coronavirus in the world and informed each other about measures taken in Russia and the United States to counter this threat. Opportunities for closer cooperation between the two countries on this problem were discussed. They also exchanged views on the current state of the global oil market and agreed that Russian and American energy ministers should hold consultations on this topic. Certain bilateral issues were also addressed. Vladimir Putin and  Donald Trump  agreed to maintain personal contact. Source President of Russia Website

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