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Bandt Parliament debating a rubbish bill to remove phones from refugees

Mr Adam Bandt (Melbourne—Leader of the Australian Greens) House of Representatives Speech: Bill-Migration Amendment 2020: The utter hypocrisy of the 'freedom brigade' in the government is on show yet again. They're always the first ones to swear that they'll be going to the barricades to defend an individual's right to freedom and to say that government should not act to take away people's liberties. And then, the first chance they get, when they've got people under their control who they have a duty of care towards and who have committed absolutely no crime, what does the government do? It acts to take away their basic liberties. The right to communicate with other people, for someone who has not committed a crime and is not in detention for having done anything wrong, ought to be fundamental. But what does the government do? The government says: 'Well, we've got these people that we lock up in hellholes, in detention facilities. We know that indefi

PM Morrison, The Australian economy is fighting back.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison Media Release:  The Australian economy is fighting back. The jobs of Australians depend on that fight. The incomes of Australians depend on that fight and we are in it and we are making progress. It doesn't mean we don't have setbacks. We are currently experiencing some right now. The unemployment figures that were released just within the last hour have been for June. In July, I expect that we will see an impact from what is occurring in Victoria. But what it has demonstrated in June that as Australia has opened up again, as people have gone back into their businesses and opened their doors, as Australians have been endeavouring to live with this virus and to press on, then we've seen Australians get back into work and this has been a core objective of our approach over these past many months and it remains the focus of our approach, together with managing the health situation in Victoria and other states as outbreaks and other challenges emer

PM Morrison' Long-Range Strike Capabilities to Maintain Regional Security

PM Morrison' Long-Range Strike Capabilities to Maintain Regional Security Australia will invest in new long-range strike capabilities to maintain regional security and deter or respond to aggression in the Indo-Pacific, as part of the  2020 Defence Strategic Update  and  Force Structure Plan. The new investments will be made across the air, maritime and land assets to give the Australian Defence Force more options to protect Australia’s interests. “The challenges and changing nature in the Indo-Pacific have meant we need a new approach and one that actively seeks to deter actions that are against our interests,” the Prime Minister said. “These new capabilities will provide a strong credible deterrent in our region that will help provide the stability and security we need. “We are committed to peace and stability in the region, and an open, inclusive, prosperous and sovereign Indo-Pacific.” Minister for Defence, Sen

Christensen; National Skills Bill Passes, will help prepare our labour market

M r George Christensen (Dawson): It's my pleasure to speak to the National Skills Commissioner Bill 2020. This legislation, these laws, we are about to pass here couldn't be more timely as we all seek to address the critical challenge that will come about, economically, in this country from the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. The National Skills Commissioner office to be established will help prepare our labour market, our workers, in this country for recovery. They will be establishing a robust, new, fact-based system that will strengthen our education and training networks. The varied roles of this commission demonstrate a huge potential for it to quickly become a vital hub in supporting and enhancing the operation and analysis of the workforce we need, which is important for those people entering the workforce—to know where the gaps are, where to get training. Australia's economic recovery will be very reliant on its workers, working Australians, being skilled, resilient and

Katter: Time to stop milking dairy farmers

That the House:(1) notes that: (a) on 6 May 2020 the Minister for Agriculture put out a media release titled "Time to stop milking dairy, fair go for farmers"; (b) nearly 500 dairy farmers have left the industry in the past year; (c) the ACCC in 2018 identified that there is a market imbalance between processors and farmers; (d) in the state of Queensland alone the number of dairy farmers has dropped from 1,305 in 2000-2001 to 356 in 2019; (e) Australia had 12,896 dairy farms in the year 2000; (f) in 2018 there were just 5,699 dairy farms, a reduction of 57 per cent which is likely to have increased in the last 12 months; (g) in the North Queensland dairy area before deregulation farmers got 60.4 cents per litre, but after deregulation they got 41.1 cents; (h) Dairy Australia's Situation and Outlook March 2020 report says dairy farmers have been impacted by the summer bushfires adding additional price pressures to their operations, including in: (i) NSW, 32 dairy farms on

Labor supports ScoMo $1,500 fortnight to six million eligible workers

We gather again today in unusual circumstances, during extreme times to consider extraordinary responses to the twin crises our nation faces - to our nation’s health and to our economy. What we do today is what Governments have always done in such circumstances, when our nation is under threat that previous generations of Australians have done before us. Today we act to protect our nation’s sovereignty. When Australian lives and livelihoods are threatened, when they are under attack, our nation’s sovereignty is put at risk and we must respond. As a Government, as a Parliament, as a nation, together. Nurses, teachers, drivers - cleaners, doctors, police, and paramedics - factory workers, engineers, bankers - grocers, miners and farmers -  pastors, priests and imams - politicians, union officials, even lawyers - mums, dads, grandparents, kids, families. All of us. Our sovereignty is measured in our capacity and freedom to live our lives as we choose in a free, open and democratic society

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