Ford XW XY 1970-71 Falcon GT Sedan

Ford XW 1970 Falcon GT Sedan
The Ford Falcon GT is an automobile produced by Ford Australia from 1967 to 1976 as the performance version of its Falcon model range. Its production was resumed by a joint venture in 1992 and 1997 with Tickford, and then again between 2003 and 2014 with Prodrive, the latter being marketed as the FPV GT & GT-P. The Falcon GT is inextricably linked with the history of Australian sports sedan car production and with the evolution of Australian motor racing. The Falcon GT lineage includes many Bathurst wins and motorsport accolades over its entire production run.

The GT model was introduced as a performance variant of the Australian Ford Falcon XR series in 1967. They were also offered with the 1968 XT; 1969 XW, 1971 XY, 1972 XA, and 1973 XB Falcon ranges. GT-HO ("Handling Option") versions were released with the XW and XY Falcon series, with were essentially further modified homologation specials for motor racing. An XA series HO was abandoned in the early stage of development due to public pressure in 1972 after an infamous newspaper campaign against excessive top speed.

Ford introduced the HO (high output—quite often erroneously referred to as "handling option") package in the 1969 XW model range, creating a two-tier range, with the HO package essentially a road-registerable racing car for the leading production touring car teams to exploit. With the XW range, the Windsor V8 was now offered in a bigger 351 cubic-inch displacement, producing 290 bhp (216 kW; 294 PS) and 385 lb-ft (522 Nm) of torque.


Ford XY Falcon GT

The Ford Motor Company Falcon XY GT is a sports sedan based on the Ford Falcon XY. Released in 1970 by Ford Australia, with the GTHO Phase III released in 1971. Some 1,557 units were produced from September 1970 to December 1971 with 300 GTHO Phase IIIs produced from May 1971 to November 1971. It was the fourth in the initial series of the Ford Falcon GT. A limited number were exported to South Africa, wearing Fairmont GT badging. The Fairmont GT model is starting to increase in value as Falcon GTs become harder to find and buyers beginning to see the Fairmont as a genuine GT.

With the rev limiter disabled, it is capable of 252 kilometres per hour (157 mph) and can exceed 7,000rpm (at high risk of engine failure) in fourth gear. The rev-limiter is set to 6,150rpm. The engine type was a 351 Cleveland (carried over from the XW GT/GT-HO Phase II). While Ford stated an output of 300 horsepower, the engine was reputed to produce over 350 horsepower. Wikipedia

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