Holden EH 1963-65

Holden EH 1963-65
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The Holden EH is an automobile produced by General Motors-Holden in Australia from 1963 to 1965. The EH was released in August 1963 replacing the Holden EJ series and was the first Holden to incorporate the new "Red" engine, with a seven-main bearing crankshaft instead of the four main bearing crankshaft used in the "Grey" engine. At first, a larger capacity 149-cubic-inch (2,440 cc) engine was only sold attached to a three-speed manual gearbox or the "Hydramatic" four-stage automatic transmission with a column shift. The Controlled Coupling Hydramatic used in the EH was actually a four-stage, although it effectively worked as a three-speed unit, except at full throttle. 

Holden EH With Serious Modified Engine
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The 179-cubic-inch (2,930 cc) engine was initially sold only with the "Hydramatic" transmission. The first EH with a 179-cubic-inch engine and a manual gearbox was called the "EH-S4", and was fitted with an upgraded manual gearbox, having stronger gears than in the 149 gearboxes, and an upgraded clutch. The three-speed manual column shift gearboxes or (3 on the Tree) had no synchromesh on the first gear, only on the second and third (top) gear.

Holden EH Special
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The "S4 Special" was introduced in September 1963 for racing homologation purposes - a minimum of 100 were required to be built & sold. These featured a 179 engine, manual transmission with hardened gears, a 12 imp gal (55 L) fuel tank (9 imp gal (41 L) was standard), a more comprehensive tool kit, metal lined brake shoes and a larger tail shaft. Six were produced at Holden's Melbourne (Dandenong) plant and 120 in Sydney's (Pagewood) plant

Holden EH Panel Van
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Holden (General Motors)

Also called

Holden Standard

Holden Special

Holden Premier

Holden Utility

Holden Panel Van


Sedan & Station Sedan: July 1962 – August 1963

Utility & Panel Van: January–August 1963

Body and chassis



Body style

4-door sedan

5-door station wagon

2-door coupé utility

2-door panel van


FR layout


Opel Kapitän



2.3L GMH '138' I6


3-speed manual

3-speed "Hydra-Matic" automatic



105.0 inches (2667 mm)


176.9 inches (4493 mm)


68.0 inches (1727 mm)


58.0 inches (1473 mm)

Curb weight

Standard Sedan: 2492lb (1130 kg)

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