PM Morrison shock and sadness death of Shane Warne.

Shane Warne

Australians have woken in shock and sadness to the awful news of the death of Shane Warne.

Shane was one of our greatest cricketers of all time, one of only a few that could approach the extraordinary achievements of the great Don Bradman.  His achievements were the product of his talent, his discipline and passion for the game he loved.

But Shane was more than this to Australians. Shane was one of our nation’s greatest characters.  His humour, his passion, his irreverence, his approachability ensured he was loved by all. Australians loved him. We all did.

There was something magical that he brought to our summers. The bleached blonde hair, the almost casual way he moved to send down a delivery, and his engagement with the crowd. He was one of a kind.

He inspired so many girls and boys to try their hand at cricket. He made it all look so easy. At some point, in most Australian backyards, we all tried to deliver a flipper.

As we heard as a commentator, behind the playfulness that we associated with Shane, there was a player who understood the strategies and intricacies of cricket as few others. A brilliance that will always be remembered alongside that of Bradman and Benaud.

There was also a generosity to so many people away from the cameras. With a smile and a g’day he’d bridge every gap.

Shane was his own man, following his own path. In those times when he could have been knocked down by the headlines, he got back up. He always did.

Shane was the “King of Spin” because there was none like him. The “ball of the century” will be talked about forever.

Our love and condolences go to Shane’s family and particularly his children Brooke, Jackson, and Summer.

We have lost one of Australia’s greatest cricketers and today we are bewildered by this sad and sudden loss.

In recognition of Shane Warne’s national achievements, his family will be offered a state funeral by the Commonwealth Government. This will be done in consultation with the Warne family, Cricket Australia and the Victorian Government to ensure we honour Shane’s passing and memory.

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