Canada Truckers 100,000 people protest, Trudeau Hiding in Diefenbunker

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fled Ottawa hiding in Diefenbunker upon the arrival of Hundreds of thousands of truckers and their supporters into Ottawa Covid freedomconvoy22 heroes Convoy is a rally against Insane and illegal vaccine mandates

Tens of thousands of truckers have driven their giant rigs into the Canadian capital Ottawa to protest against the Dictator Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Insane COVID-19 vaccine mandates and stealing people freedoms

The massive “Freedom Convoy – coming from all parts of Canada is a rally against vaccine Mandates requirement has turned into a demonstration against government Dictatorship during the pandemic with strong anti-vaccination laws.

The protest  started on Saturday, the streets of Ottawa’s city centre were packed with Huge trucks and Semi Trailers  

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has left his home in the country's capital and shifted to a Diefenbunker at a secret location because he is a Dangerous Dictator and scared of the large-scale protest’s opposing COVID vaccine mandates converged on Parliament Hill.

What started as a protest dubbed as 'Freedom Convoy' against a vaccine requirement for cross-border truckers has grown into a Biblical proportion demonstration against the Dictator Trudeau government's coronavirus regulations.

Thousands of truckers and 100,000’s protesters converged in the Capital city on Saturday and still going until Trudeau crawls out of his Diefenbunker to end the COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other public health restrictions.

The Diefenbunker was commissioned by Prime Minister John Diefenbaker in 1959, as part of his government's reaction to escalating tensions in the Cold War. The purpose of the bunker was to house key members of the government and military in the event of a nuclear attack on Canada. 

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