Tucker Carlson Covers The “Pedo Outbreak” At CNN

Tucker Carlson Covers The “Pedo Outbreak” At CNN
by Steve Watson
Tucker Carlson noted Monday night that “There are more accused pedophiles at CNN than Americans who have died of the so-called Omicron variant,” in a scathing segment devoted to what he described as a “pedo outbreak” at the network.

“There’s something very strange going on at CNN right now. In just the past week or two, two separate CNN producers have been accused of child molestation,” Carlson began.

“One of them was a man named John Griffin who was just indicted by a federal grand jury for attempting to ‘induce minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity,’ we’re not going to get into the details. They’re horrifying,” Carlson continued.

“He’s been fired. Griffin used to work for Chris Cuomo, he bragged about working shoulder to shoulder. We’ll leave it there,” the host added.

Carlson continued, “Then just days after that story, Project Veritas exposed another creep at CNN, apparently at CNN, they published graphic text messages and video of the CNN producer, fantasizing about molesting a child. Project Veritas said the producer also allegedly sought explicit photographs of that child.”

The host revealed that his team called CNN to clarify if the producer, who he did not name, was indeed a CNN employee, but the network did not return the calls.

“Now what seems like news to us. You’d think CNN would be covering it. Like, what the hell? How many companies can say that? But that’s not what they’re covering,” Carlson noted.

Referring to Brain Stelter, Carlson comically added, “If you were watching the Eunuch Show over the weekend, you’ll learn that it was actually Fox News that suffered a week of ‘embarrassing headlines.’”

“Paging Dr. Freud. We point out lots of examples of transference – that’s when you take the sins you’ve committed and accuse others of them. Nothing better than this example. Ever,” Carlson declared.

This is only scratching the edge of the Ice Berg, Most left-wing WOK News Network has rock spiders working there. Watch the Dominos Drop if law enforcement has the balls to Investigate all News outlets around the world.

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