Fauci Says Don’t Have Family Over At Christmas Unless They Are Vaxxed

Grinch who stole Christmas

Anthony Fauci did his best to play the grinch who stole Christmas once again Sunday by declaring that Americans should refrain from attending any gatherings where they don’t know everyone’s vaccination status.

Presumably, Fauci means that if someone in the family isn’t vaccinated then don’t let them into the gathering, for if you merely know they are not vaccinated what’s the point?

Fauci told ABC‘s This Week “Don’t do things like go to gatherings with people you do not know what their vaccination status is.”

Fauci also said that it would be even better if people conducted tests at their family gatherings.

“Some people are actually going the extra step and the extra mile of maybe even being tested when you have people coming over to the house,” he declared, adding “We now have much wider availability of point of care tests where you can get a result in about 15 minutes. So you might want to do that.”

Source Infowar 

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