CLINTEL trilogy calls on heads of government, young people and climate scientists to wake up

CLINTEL has produced a very interesting trio of open letters, with one each to heads of government, young people and climate scientists. Most open letters that challenge alarmism are focused on their content, so are written for a general audience. Others are to a specific person, regarding a specific issue. 

In contrast, these CLINTEL letters speak to specific groups that play important roles in the climate debate. Nominally each letter is to members of these groups that attended COP 26, where each group was prominent, but each message is valid for the entire group, worldwide. Each calls out for action. 

How to address the members of these key groups is something we need to think more about. These letters are in that sense important precedents. 

In particular I do not think I have ever seen a letter like this to young people. Have heard a great many complaints about how alarmism is terrorizing children, making them hate the past and afraid of their future. But actually speaking to them about this in pointed detail is new.

 Here are some excerpts to give you the flavor:

 “Please, dont act like a parrot. Be critical against the many false prophets who are trying to take advantage of you and set you up against what your parents and grandparents have achieved. The information these prophets tell you is one-sided and misleading. Their  information comes from faulty science, wrong model predictions and extreme scenarios.”

“Do you know that the difference between the mean annual temperature in cold Finland and  warm Singapore is more than 20 degrees? Yet, both these countries are very successful.  Declaring current global warming of 0.14 degrees C  per decade a catastrophe is totally out of  proportion. Think about that, while you are protesting.”

“Did your teachers ever tell you that CO2 is a blessing for everything that lives on our  planet? Far from being pollution, CO2 is the molecule of life, providing food for plants. Without plants there would be very little animal life and no human life at all. Think about that as well, while  you are protesting.”

The letter to climate scientists will be more familiar, but the clarity is exceptional. Here is a good excerpt:

“Sound scientific research is open-minded and is characterized by a wide variety of viewpoints  without dogmas and prejudices: Within the established climate science, curiosity and diversity  are being suppressed and the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (CAGW) dogma is ruthlessly enforced. However, science is neither a religion nor a political faction. Science advances not by chanting We believe” but by asking I wonder. Funding for CAGW-critical research is nonexistent today. Censorship complicates and all too often prevents the publication of critical articles in mainstream peer reviewed scientific journals. Again, the CAGW-models are considered to be the truth.”

In fact the letter to climate scientists is more about freedom of inquiry and expression than about climate science. For instance, it is also applicable to medical scientists.

The message to heads of government is stop focusing on fear and invest in adaptation. Here are two succinct excerpts:

“Hard facts show that global warming is NOT catastrophic, and therefore, there is NO climate crisis. Stop your fear-mongering messages. Fear leads always to wrong decisions and above all, it destroys the minds of our youth. Instead, inspire them with a positive outlook!”

“Please, stop slavishly following the Paris Climate Accord of 2015. It is fear-based and will only  impoverish world nations. Instead, develop concrete climate adaptation plans, in collaboration  with the regions. Global mitigation policies cost an exorbitant amount of money (many trillions) and they have never saved one life. National adaptation plans work, whatever the causes of  climate change may be.”

The title of the overall 9 page trilogy is “Climate change is much more than CO2 and CO2 is much more than climate change” which really says it all.

This important set of messages is here:


I urge people to use these messages and pass them on, as well as adding to them. In particular we need to reach out to the young people and give them back their future.

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