Queensland Public Register Portal opens up environmental records to all

A new online portal released today will give the public improved access to environmental licences and permits in Queensland.

Minister for the Environment Meaghan Scanlon said the Public Register Portal will make it quicker and easier to get updates on enforcement activities carried out by the Department of Environment and Science (DES).   

“The portal contains current environmental authorities that have been granted, suspended, cancelled, surrendered and expired, most enforcement actions and temporary emissions licences,” Minister Scanlon said.

“All of the records on the portal are now available 24/7 for free as part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to transparency and increasing the availability of its information.

“DES consulted different stakeholders and received positive feedback saying this is what they wanted.

“As Queensland’s environmental regulator, it is important that the department makes this sort of information available and easy to access, which is why we built this portal.”

The system will be updated weekly and will include existing environmental data that is already publicly available as well as data that will be published online for the first time.

Minister Scanlon said information can be searched by permit or holder details, or the location, and the documents can be viewed online or digital copies can be downloaded.

Information on the public register is used by members of the community, industry, conservation groups and companies undertaking due diligence checks.”

The Public Register Portal can be accessed here: https://www.qld.gov.au/environment/pollution/licences-permits/public-register

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(Department of the Premier and Cabinet)

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