Pandemic COVID-19 Movie by Elevate Films

Dr Judy Mikovits PHD

Plandemic conspiracy theory video will open your eyes or Confuse the Sheeple. A film produced by Mikki Willis which promotes information about the COVID-19 pandemic

Doctor Judy Mikovits, a credited former researcher who has been described as a vaccine activist despite her rejection of the label. 

Mikki Willis produced the video with a low budget under the name of his production company, Elevate Films.  

Plandemic video went viral instantly, becoming one of the most widespread pieces of COVID-19 Conspiracy video caused Big Tech and Mainstream Media to block it in every way.

It was removed by multiple platforms, although the responses failed to successfully stop the video's proliferation. 

The video was criticized by Left-Wing scientists and health professionals for their misleading claims while the professional filmmaking style has been cited as lending to the conspiratorial nature of the films.

I think People can make up their own Minds, We don't need Fakebook, Twitter and WOK Media Controlling what we watch.

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