Grilling down on the Left's "beef" with cattle ranchers

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America’s farmers and ranchers are under attack.

While they tirelessly work to provide food for millions, the Green Left has demonized them as so-called “Destroyers of the Earth.” The EPA, DOI, and UN repeatedly identify meat producers as devourers of wildlife habitat in an attempt to punish them through regulation. And Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has even raised alarm over excessive cattle farts she believes are contributing to a climate apocalypse.

Yet the narrative that the Left is trying to spin is not the real story. In actuality, cattle ranchers and farmers play an important role in both protecting the environment and feeding the world.

CFACT’s Gabriella Hoffman showcases this real story behind cattle ranching and farming in her latest episode of the Conservation Nation series, titled “Cows Keep Florida Green.”

YouTube Cows Keep FL Green! Conservation Nation

Hoffman interviews ranchers from the Sunshine State who explain that cows actually help diverse number of species thrive, by creating paths through dense foliage that critters would otherwise stay away from.

Additionally, the ranchers have an economic incentive to protect the lands and waters that are helping to serve their livelihoods. If the ranchers were not there managing the land, the State would be forced to come in and manage the property at much higher expense and with far less benefit to both the environment and humanity.

It’s time we start celebrating our farmers and ranchers for both feeding the world and helping our environment.

So, the next time you chow down on a juicy steak or burger, remember, there’s a rancher out there working hard who deserves our thanks, not our condemnation!

Source CFACT

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