Texas freeze shuts down Power “renewable Energy Fails”

Texas is experiencing a serious deep freeze which is causing people to lose power.

Texas investors larded their state with solar panels and wind turbines to rake in federal subsidies and tax credits.

CFACT’s Marc Morano discussed the Texas freeze with Tucker Carlson on Fox News last night:

Fox News Marc Monro and Tucker Carlson

“Warren Buffett famously said years ago that there’s no reason to build windmills without the tax breaks and without the subsidies… the same thing’s happening in Germany by the way right now Tucker. Their solar panels are covered in snow and Germans are freezing through winter much the way Texans are.  Who would have thought this would have happened in Texas?  But this is what we’re dealing with. And Biden now wants to nationalize this plan of the less than four percent that comes from solar and wind and make it our chief go-to energy source.”

After generations of striving, America at last achieved energy independence.  Forcing America to abandon efficient energy sources such as natural gas and nuclear power and pushing them instead to wind and solar which can’t deliver is a tragic mistake.

As Marc told Tucker Carlson:

“We were in a position where we weren’t just independent, we were dominant. We had our own domestic energy. So the Green New Deal is going to swap that for a reliance on solar and wind and electric cars which, by the way, are going to be using rare earth minerals from China — 90% of which dominates things like cobalt copper, nickel. And we’re going to now be reliant on China for these rare earth minerals to make these unreliable solar and wind power batteries!  So the Green New Deal is lose, lose, lose all the way.  We’re seeing it unfold in Texas like we’ve seen it unfold in California.”

Europe and Australia have already proven that forcing people to subsidize wind and solar energy raises prices for consumers while making energy grids unreliable.

It only took a little cold and snow to show that you can’t depend on them in Texas either.

Relying on wind and solar to power the grid is always a mistake.   Don’t count on the Biden Administration figuring that out.


  • Source: Craig Rucker Craig Rucker is a co-founder of CFACT and currently serves as its president.

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