Press Secretary McEnany Holds a Press Briefing with the annoying media

Trump is still pushing along with his legal action against the stolen Election, The Fake Media said Trump Wouldn't have the Vaccination before Christmas.

Are you sick of this Corrupt media

Other updates today: Today, President Trump will speak at a vaccine summit as part of his Administration’s historic Operation Warp Speed. The summit—with help from governors, retail pharmacy chains, and distributors—will highlight the strategy for getting a safe, effective vaccine to the American people quickly.

“The most important thing for me personally is making sure people understand that these vaccines were developed safely, that they are over 90% effective,” Surgeon General Jerome Adams says. 

Operation Warp Speed began in May. It is an historic achievement that there are now potentially two 95% effective vaccines only 10 months after COVID-19 reached American shores. Upon approval, around 40 million doses will be immediately releasable.

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