Water from Rookwood Weir will be allocated for Central Queensland farmers

At least half the water from Rookwood Weir will be allocated for Central Queensland farmers, under a proposed plan out for a consultation today.

Natural Resources Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said the proposed plan would put the water management mechanisms in place to drive the region’s growth.

“Queensland has an economic plan for recovery with a $50 billion infrastructure guarantee, including Rookwood Weir,” Dr Lynham said.

“The Government knows that there’s an appetite for Rookwood Weir and this water will drive economic recovery and jobs in the Fitzroy region,” Dr Lynham said.

Member for Keppel Brittany Lauga encouraged CQ water users and the community to get involved in finalising the proposals, contained in a draft amendment to the Fitzroy Basin water plan.

“Sunwater has had a really positive response from farmers expressing interest in the first tranche of water being offered,” she said.

“The proposals released today set aside at least half the water for agricultural use.

“That’s how we maximise the growth opportunities for agriculture and industry and the local jobs that will flow from this development.”

Member for Rockhampton Barry O’Rourke said the $352 million Rookwood Weir project had already delivered jobs on road projects.

“Rookwood Weir will meet our region’s anticipated water needs for the next three decades,” he said.

 “It is delivering jobs now, more jobs when weir construction starts, and then further opportunity for economic growth, investment in the region and agricultural growth.

“These proposals are the first step in administering the additional water the weir will bring.”

The proposals released today establish new water trading zones for Rookwood Weir, new water allocation groups and measures to ensure that 50 per cent of water from the weir is allocated for agricultural use.

The draft amendment also ensures that existing agricultural and urban water users and environmental flows are protected in the Lower Fitzroy.

Consultation runs for six weeks and the revised water plan will be in place around the time construction of the weir starts next year.

Consultation is open until 5 pm, 28 September 2020 and include video conferences, phone meetings, as well as the usual online submissions, to meet COVID-19 social distancing requirements. For more information visit dnrme.qld.gov.au    

About Rookwood Weir

Rookwood Weir is being constructed on the Fitzroy River, 66 kilometres south-west of Rockhampton. It will create up to 100 jobs.

The thousands of megalitres of water it will make available will underpin agricultural growth and supply industrial and urban water in central Queensland.

The Palaszczuk Government has allocated $149 million over two years to allow detailed planning and design, and on ground works to proceed.

Construction is scheduled to start by April 2021, for wet commissioning in January 2024.

Source Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy The Honourable Dr Anthony Lynham

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