Trump invites Putin, Australia, India and Korea to G7 summit in the USA


President of Russia Media Release: Telephone conversation with US President Donald Trump

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with President of the United States of America Donald Trump at the initiative of the American side.

The presidents exchanged views on the coronavirus response measures taken by both countries. Vladimir Putin expressed appreciation for the supply of US ventilators to Russia.

The Russian President congratulated Donald Trump on the successful launch of the Crew Dragon manned spacecraft on May 30, which carried American astronauts to the International Space Station. A common attitude towards the development of mutually beneficial cooperation in the space sector was confirmed.

The presidents addressed world oil market developments in the context of implementing the OPEC+ agreement. It was stated that this multilateral agreement, reached with the active support of the presidents of Russia and the United States, would lead to a gradual restoration of oil demand and price stabilisation.

Mr Trump informed Mr Putin about his idea of holding a G7 summit with the possible invitation of the leaders of Russia, Australia, India and the Republic of Korea.

The importance of enhancing the Russian-American dialogue on strategic stability and confidence-building measures in the military sector was noted.

The presidents agreed to continue contacts at various levels.

The conversation was constructive, businesslike and substantive.

Source: President of Russia Media Kremlin Moscow

PM Morrison Interview with Ben Fordham, 2GB

FORDHAM: The United States wants Australia to step up in an expanded G7. So the G7 is a very outdated group of countries, according to Donald Trump. So what, we'll have a seat at the table in an expanded G7?

PRIME MINISTER: Yeah we’re expecting an invitation there. We actually received one from President Macron last year, it was actually on election night he sent me a text Emmanuel Macron saying congratulations, can you come to the G7 in France? And and again, this year, the United States has indicated they're looking to do something similar. And so we welcome that. And it's a good opportunity to deal with a lot of like minded countries. We always have the opportunity to deal with Japan in particular. And I've got a meeting this week by telepresence with Prime Minister Modi. South Korea being involved, that's good. And of course, the U.K. and France and Germany, these as we're working towards free trade agreements with the European Union and the UK. It's always good to be engaging with like minded democracies.

FORDHAM: You just mentioned Prime Minister Modi in India. I noticed yesterday that you were cooking Indian, you like cooking Indian. But you said instead of the Samosas, you said ‘Sunday Scomosas with mango chutney all made from scratch’. How do the girls appreciate Dad's dad jokes when you go to the Sunday Scomosas?

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