President Trump Delivers an Outstanding Speech to Young Americans

President Trump Delivers an Outstanding Speech to Young Americans
President Trump Delivers an Address to Young Americans

Below Trump build that Wall and Security

Trump's wall reaches 212 Miles

Trump in Roundtable on Border Security | Yuma, AZ

THE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you very much. Great to be here. Beautiful runway. A little warmer than I’m used to, but that’s okay, Doug, right? We have a — I was just given a beautiful picture of the wall. That’s before and after. And that’s quite a difference: one area you walk over, you drive over, you do whatever you want, and other one you say, “Well, I guess we don’t get in.” Here’s another one — just given. That’s great. That’s a different section. Pretty amazing.

They’ve done a great job; we’re up to 212 — more than that now, about 220 — but over 212 miles, and we’ll be very close to 500 miles by the end of the year. And that’s the area that we wanted.

So it’s great and thank you all for being here. Thank you very much. And I’m thrilled to be in Yuma, Arizona. They’ve treated me very nicely in Arizona. So we’re very happy about that, Mr. Governor. Right? To commemorate the completion of more than 200 miles of powerful border wall.

We’re on pace to complete 450 miles by the end of the year, and 500 miles, almost immediately thereafter. We may even have the 500 miles by the end of the year. We’re doing a real job. The Army Corps of Engineers, I want to thank them. They’ve been incredible.

This is the most powerful and comprehensive border wall structure anywhere in the world. It’s got technology that nobody would even believe, between sensors and cameras and everything else.

With us today are Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf, who has done a fantastic job. Thank you, Chad. Commissioner Mark Morgan. Mark, thank you very much. Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, who’s doing a fantastic job at the Army Corps. We have interesting construction talk, don’t we?


THE PRESIDENT: Really great stuff.

President of the National Border Patrol Council, Brandon Judd. Hello, Brandon. What are you doing sitting back there? I’ve never seen that before. You’re always up here with me. You’re getting low key lately, huh? That’s confidence. That means he’s got a lot of confidence. That’s great. And thank you for everything, Brandon. Say hello to everybody. Great job you do. Appreciate it.

He was a supporter of mine before I ran. He said, “I hope that guy runs.” Right? So I appreciate it very much. We won’t forget it either.

And several other very dedicated and heroic members of law enforcement. I met just a few of them back there and they gave me a beautiful replica of the wall, a little shorter version, but that’s okay. And we want to thank everybody.

We’re also joined by some of my very good friends and people I have great respect for you. You have a great governor in this state. And he’s been a great friend for the state, but he’s been a great friend to our nation and does a — just a great job: Doug Ducey. Thank you very much, Doug.

GOVERNOR DUCEY: Thank you, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: Appreciate it.


THE PRESIDENT: Talk to you in a little while. Appreciate it.

Senator Martha McSally, who I hear is doing very well. We need you in Washington. Will you please win?

SENATOR MCSALLY: Yes, sir. (Inaudible.)

THE PRESIDENT: Because we need you. The alternative that’s running against you is not the person that we want, where he’s got — he’s got things that we don’t want. So we want you to win this race. It’s very important. And we appreciate all the help that you’ve given us, especially on the border wall. We appreciate it, Martha. Thank you very much.

Representative Debbie Lesko has become a tremendous friend of mine and supporter. And with the impeachment hoax, she was right up front. And it was good for you. You became very famous. I became more famous and you became very, very famous. Right?

REPRESENTATIVE LESKO: Well, you helped me. Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it certainly didn’t hurt. She was one of the really great advocates, who’s terrific. We appreciate it, Debbie. Thank you.

Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls. And thank you, Douglas, very much for being here.

MAYOR NICHOLLS: Thank you. Welcome back to Yuma.

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much, Doug. It’s really an honor.

And Yuma Police Chief, Susan Smith. Thank you, Susan, very much for being here.

So my administration has done more than any administration in history to secure our southern border. Our border has never been more secure. I think Doug can tell you that. Anybody at this table can tell you that. It’s never even been close.

The numbers now, including not only the wall — the wall has helped a lot, where we have that 200 miles — 212 and now 220 — it’s really, essentially, almost, I guess 99.6 or something like that. Maybe somebody can get an extraordinarily long ladder, but once you get up there, it gets very high. And it’s just about unclimbable. So it’s — it’s really great. That’s made a big difference, but we have other things that we’ve done.

During the past two months, we’ve seen the lowest number of illegal border crossings in many years. Illegal immigration is down 84 percent from this time last year. Illegal crossings from Central America are down 97 percent.

Now, the news — I won’t say “fake news”; I want to be nice today. So the news will say “97 percent,” Doug. “That’s not very good.” But 97 percent, I would say, sounds pretty good.

Source: White House.

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