Trump negotiating with the Democrats to get workers and small businesses taken care of

Trump negotiating with the Democrats to get workers and small businesses taken care of

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. I’d like to begin by saying that we’re continuing to negotiate with the Democrats to get our great workers and small businesses all over the country taken care of. I think we — we’re getting close to a deal. It could happen. It could happen. A lot of good work has been going on, and we could have an answer tomorrow. And we’re going to see what — what exactly does take place.

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We’re also looking at helping our hospitals and our rural hospitals, who have been hurt very badly. The rural hospitals, for a long time, have not been treated properly. We’re looking to help them, and beyond. So we’re looking at hospitals also, as part of the package. And we’ll see how that all comes out.

But a lot of good things are happening. Some very good negotiations. I just got off the phone with the Secretary of the Treasury, and we have some very good negotiations going on right now. And I think you could have a nice answer tomorrow, but we’ll see.

America continues to make steady progress in our war against the virus. As of today, we’ve tested 4.18 million Americans. That’s a record anywhere in the world. The United States has now conducted more total tests than all of the following nations combined: France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden, and Canada.

And our testing is expanding very rapidly by millions and millions of people. So we’ve — we’ve done more testing than all of these countries combined: France, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, and Australia, Sweden, and Canada. That’s something. Right?

We’re doing a great job. We’re — we are. This team is an incredible team, and that includes Army Corps of Engineers, a lot of our military people, our admirals, our generals. Got one of our great admirals here, who’s done an incredible job. You haven’t slept too much in the last two months either. Look at him. (Laughs.)


THE PRESIDENT: That’s — somebody said to me, “President, you look tired.” I said, “I should be tired.” We should all be tired. But we have to win, right?


THE PRESIDENT: Tomorrow, the President — the Vice President will lead a call with our nation’s governors from FEMA headquarters, Mike —


THE PRESIDENT: — to review what more they can do and do together to develop locally tailored testing strategies. Working very hard with governors now on testing. We want to help them out.

Before the call, we’ll send them a full list of all of the large laboratory machines in the states. They have a lot of machinery in the states that some aren’t that aware of, but they’re there, and they’re really high-quality machines, by the way. And the potential capacity of those machines, if they’re fully utilized — a couple of them didn’t know that they could be utilized in a different manner. They’re only up to 10 percent, and they can go 90 percent more.

Many governors are still relying on their state laboratories rather than the full and much larger capacity that is available to them. As an example, commercial laboratories, such as Quest and LabCorp — these are massive laboratories that can handle a lot more than they’re being sent. A few days ago, it was at 30 percent. They’re only at 30 percent capacity now. I don’t know — probably the same, but they have a lot of capacity.

In addition, academic laboratories, big research labs — there’s tremendous capacity out there. And some of them want the fast — you know, the instant Abbott machine, which just came about due to the research during this little short period of time. And it’s very quick, but these labs can do them very quickly also, and they’re — they’re massive. They can handle much more — much more than the machine, the small machine, can handle.

We continue to procure millions of swabs, test collectors. I have something here. Just happen to have it. It’s a swab. It looks innocent. Not very complicated. Anybody like to see what it looks like? Should I open it? Does everybody?
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