Trump SUING the big tech tyrants: Facebook, Twitter & Google.

President Donald Trump

President Trump: Today, my team and I announced our plan to Take On Big Tech. We are SUING the big tech tyrants: Facebook, Twitter & Google.

This lawsuit is just the beginning and just one part of a bigger fight. This suit isn’t the whole battle: it’s an opening shot.

We’ll fight in the courts, we’ll fight in the legislatures, and we’ll fight at the ballot boxes until the American people have their rights and sovereignty restored.


Big Tech not only censored a President of the United States, they are censoring everyday Americans like YOU and Blow the Truth! And they already have done so to great men and women across our country! The elites in Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Government are working hard to take control and we all need to stand together to put America First.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the formation of the Constitutional Litigation Partnership -- to restore America’s government to one that is of the people, for the people, and by the people. This Partnership will work tirelessly to restore the God-given rights guaranteed to every American citizen by our Constitution. 

America First Policy Institute is America First, always, and with your help, the Constitutional Litigation Partnership will support efforts to protect your free speech against Big Tech. For further information on the Constitutional, Litigation Partnership click here.

Blow the Truth lost over 200,000 Followers on US Election Night, They shut my personal account down and the silly part is I live in Australia. GO Trump I hope they all go to Jail especial Zug and that Idiot from Twitter.

Source: President Trump

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