Bill Gates Putting Implantable Chips In Vaccines

 Bill Gates Fake Physician

 Bill Gates Putting Implantable Chips In Vaccines

Alex Jones breaks down the undeniable proof that Bill Gates is funding implantable chip technology for vaccines.

FYI: It is a felony to practice medicine without a license. Anytime a stranger tells you to wear a mask, take your temperature ask if he/she is a licensed physician and when he/she gave you a medical examination. If the person is not an MD, he/she is committing a felony and you can press charges. Many people cannot wear masks without damaging their health for a number of reasons including asthma, PTSD from being raped/kidnapped, interfering with sight and speech and many other health reasons. Many masks are made in China and are actually contaminated with dangerous bacteria. Video the encounter, bring a witness then file criminal and civil lawsuits against the perp and the corp. employer ordering this crime.
Synthetic virus. Lab created. Not found in nature. My physician will take care of a major illness if I ever had one. (unless he has been corrupted). They have been threatened with their medical license. Had the flu 40 years ago. Never had flu shot nor ever had the flu again. This is absolutely gene therapy. Moderna is a gene therapy laboratory. Never did "vaccines" until now. They tell you, you still have to wear a mask. That is because it sheds to others like the flu shot. Funny the seasonal flu disappeared isn't it. So NON-MEDICAL and NON- SCIENTIFIC!!

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