Censorship, Military Immunity, Cops For Covid Truth (Australia)

Teresa van Lieshout

Teresa van Lieshout Mel Silva, Managing Director, Google Australia, in August 2020 wrote an 'Open Letter To Australians', warning against extensive censorship by federal politicians, the News Media Bargaining Code. Furthermore, their federal, Defence Legislation Amendment (Enhancement of Defence Force Response to Emergencies) Bill 2020, gives immunity power from criminal or civil liability to ADF members, other defence personnel (reserves), and members of foreign forces, during politically declared 'emergency and disasters', forced on the public.

I strongly encourage police, military, other govt workers, and Australian civilians, to sign to side with the public & support, Cops For Covid Truth Project, on the Advocate Me Lawfirm (Victoria), https://advocateme.wixsite.com/copsfo...​ Both letters from Senior Constable Alexander Cooney, & Senior Constable Kevin Dawson, NSW police, are public on the project site, & can be downloaded, read, & distributed to govt workers and the public. Also EMAIL project site link to local police stations, across Australia, etc. voterightsparty.com #copsforcovidtruthhttps://youtu.be/T-9ckzK_eaU

The police have to jail those lockdown politicians, federal & state, before they inject 25 million Australians with pharmaceuticals. And, lockdowns will end by the nation publically promoting my political work, vision, & leadership, voterightsparty.com

Author: Teresa van Lieshout Vote 1, Federal Party Leader
Voter Rights Party (Australia)

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