Vladimir Putin working group on climate change and sustainable development

Adviser to the President and Special Presidential Representative on Climate Issues Russian Edelgeriyev held the 33rd meeting of the Presidential Executive Office interdepartmental working group on climate change and sustainable development.

The meeting participants discussed, in particular, creating a unified system for monitoring the emission and absorption of greenhouse gases on the territory of Russia. The development of such a system is contemplated as part of the Comprehensive Information System of Environmental Monitoring in Russia.

There was also a discussion on posting information updates on the websites of federal executive authorities regarding progress in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the work of the expert group on information and statistical support for monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals under the interdepartmental working group.

The expert group has prepared a draft list of national indicators for the Sustainable Development Goals, which includes 160 indicators for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Russia. Most indicators have been agreed for the goals Good Health and Well-being (36 indicators) and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (28 indicators). The second edition of the statistical yearbook Sustainable Development Goals in the Russian Federation 2020 is being prepared for release, which for the first time includes individual indicators for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the regions of the Russian Federation.

During the meeting, the interdepartmental working group adopted its work plan for 2021.

Source President of Russia Kremlin Moscow

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