Bill Gates carbon hypocrisy

Bill Gates was listed in 2019 as the number one carbon footprint of all the celebrities. He beat Liar Al Gore, Jennifer Lopez. He beat Bernie Sanders and a bunch of others [including] Holywood Harrison Ford. He came out number one, Bill Gates. He has a new book coming out about the climate crisis; what we can all do. He spoke to the World Economic Forum and claimed we have to change every aspect of our lives to fight global warming but Bill Gates is not willing to do it. The last estimate in 2010 he paid $30,000 a month in his electricity bill at his home. Since he...recently bought a 43 million-dollar oceanfront property, [he's] not very worried about sea-level rise apparently."

Marc reports that Gates and the rest of the climate elite want us to refrain from flying unless we can come up with a "morally justifiable" reason to do so.  Of course they expect their moral justification travel visas to be permanently stamped. 

"Gates just said we need to continue lockdowns on bars, restaurants, small businesses. Meanwhile, the billionaire class is reaping benefits of lockdowns -- his pals from Amazon, Walmart, all other big box stores. What is interesting [is that] climate activists are calling for flying only when it is 'morally justifiable' as the new normal post-pandemic. Bill Gates is in on that. He is saying, well business travel - he expects a 50% reduction. So now if you want to fly commercial, if you’re not Bill Gates or Leonardo DiCaprio or Al Gore, you need to come up with a 'morally justifiable' reason. This is what the climate activists are doing. Crushing the airline industry, by boosting private planes. They’re living one way for themselves and imposing...another set of austerity on the rest of us."

Maybe Bill Gates and the rest of the carbon elite will shock us all someday and lead by example.

Don't hold your (CO2-laden) breath. For nature and people too
CFACT's Marc Morano exposed Gates's hypocrisy on Fox and Friends 

Source: By: Marc Morano - Climate Depot

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