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Today is International Firefighters’ Day

Today is International Firefighters’ Day

Our Australian firefighters deserve to be congratulated and what better time to do it then on International Firefighters’ Day today.

Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Craig Crawford said these past few months have highlighted just how much Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) firefighters protect our community. 

“Now more than ever, it’s important we recognise the difficult work our firefighting personnel continue to do amidst the COVID-19 pandemic – risk their health and wellbeing while maintaining to provide a first class service for Queenslanders. 

“On International Firefighters’ Day, we acknowledge and thank firefighters around the globe that includes fire and rescue, auxiliary and rural brigades in both paid and voluntary roles.

“They are among the most deserving to be recognised for the work they do in what are often trying and stressful situations,” Mr Crawford said.

“Queensland’s firefighters were on the frontline during last year’s devastating and deadly bushfires that scorched 6.6 million hectares of land, destroyed 49 homes, 68 sheds and five commercial buildings.

“Our firefighters are sometimes called upon to assist interstate or overseas like they were in 2018 when they were deployed to Tasmania, Victoria, Canada and the US to battle severe bushfires.

“What it means is the talents and skills of Queensland firefighters are sought after world-wide,” he said.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Commissioner Greg Leach highlighted the ongoing sacrifice and thanked current and past firefighters for their ongoing commitment.

“It is important we pause today to honour our firefighters and everything they have sacrificed to ensure that Queenslanders remain safe,” Mr Leach said.

“Many of them have devoted their lives to the profession, including volunteers who have given up countless hours of their time.

“Others have paid the ultimate price and lost their lives in the line of duty, so it is equally important that we pay our respects and reflect on their sacrifices too.  

“It takes extraordinary courage and dedication to respond day in and day out, and I know that Queenslanders truly appreciate the outstanding commitment of each and every firefighter across the state.”

Source: Minister for Fire and Emergency Services
Craig Crawford

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