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President Trump’s Signing Ceremony for H.R. 266, Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care

President Trump’s Signing Ceremony for H.R. 266, Paycheck Protection Program and Health Care

THE PRESIDENT TRUMP SPEECH: Okay. Thank you very much. We’re gathered today for a very historic bill signing that will provide vital financial relief to American workers and families. We’re grateful to be joined by Vice President Mike Pence, and also with us are Secretary Steve Mnuchin, Administrator Jovita Carranza, Senators Roy Blunt, John Cornyn, Dan Sullivan, as well as Leader Kevin McCarthy and Representative Steve Scalise and Liz Cheney. We appreciate you all coming. A very big moment.

I want to thank Congress for answering my call to pass this critical funding. And the bill includes, as you probably know — you’ve been watching it over the last week as it matured unto this point — $320 billion to refill the Paycheck Protection Program, helping keep millions and millions of American workers on the payroll. Great for small businesses. Great for the workers.

Thirty billion dollars to the Paycheck Protection funds will be reserved for small financial institutions, including those that serve minority and distressed communities, extending vital relief to thousands of African American and Hispanic American small-business owners and their employees. And that’s $30 billion of the Paycheck Protection funds. And that’s really having to do very much with extending vital relief to thousands of African American and Hispanic American people in this country that are so great but have been so badly hurt. They’re great people. They’ve been badly hurt.

Ten billion dollars for the Economic Injury Disaster Grant Program. Fifty billion dollars for the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program, which will provide loans to small businesses and farms. Very important — farms. Seventy-five billion dollars to reimburse hospitals and healthcare providers. Eight hundred and twenty-five million dollars — that’s a small one; million. That’s the first time I’ve seen the word “million” instead of “billion. Eight hundred and twenty-five million dollars for community health centers and rural clinics, which serve many of our most vulnerable low-income communities. And $25 billion for expanding testing capabilities.

So let me once again thank everyone who helped achieve these historic victories. This is a tremendous victory. This is on top of all of other things that we’ve been doing, including an incredible job, I must say — where Vice President Pence and with the task force — the coronavirus, that we are really hitting hard. The task force has been fantastic. The ideas and implementation has been unprecedented. We don’t get the credit that we should, and I don’t want it for myself, but I actually do want it for the Vice President, and I do want it for the task force. But most importantly, I want it for all of the incredible people that are working so hard.

You see what we’ve done on ventilators. We’re now — we’re the kings. I have many countries calling. We’re the king of ventilators. Countries are calling, and they’re calling all the time now — can we help them with ventilators. And we are helping some countries. We spoke to a number of them today: Indonesia, Honduras, El Salvador. We spoke to numerous countries today. You probably saw that.

I spoke to the presidents, prime ministers. I’m speaking to everybody. They all want to know if we can help them with ventilators. And we’re capable of doing that because we’re making thousands and thousands of ventilators. And every governor has more than they need. In fact, some of the governors are now taking ventilators and shipping them to different states that don’t even need them.

So it’s been an amazing story that hasn’t been written about. Actually, there have been stories about why haven’t they written about it. Those are the stories, because the news is — much of the news is not fair. But that’s been incredible.

Likewise, our testing — Mike just said today “5 million.” Tell me, was it —

THE VICE PRESIDENT: It’s 5.1 million, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT: 5.1 million tests. That’s more than all countries combined. All countries combined. 5.1 million tests.

And you were asked a question about that the other day. “You didn’t hit 5 million tests.” Well, I guess Mike didn’t respond, or he wasn’t asked the answer. But, right now, it’s 5.1 —


THE PRESIDENT: — and that was just the other day, Mike.


THE PRESIDENT: Some reporter named — I think his name was Jonathan Karl, right? Who’s a very nice — actually, a very nice guy.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: One month ago, Mr. President, we had done a total of 80,000 tests nationwide.

THE PRESIDENT: And now we’re 5.1

THE VICE PRESIDENT: As of today, because of the partnership you forged, because of the support of leaders gathered here and governors around the country, 5.1 million Americans tested.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, and actually, I wanted to tell you this: Honduras just called, and they are in a quagmire because they don’t have good testing, and they asked us to help them with their testing. We will. They’ve been helping us very much on the border. Our southern border is setting record lows for people coming through our southern border. We have that really in good shape.

In addition, we’re now up to our 170th mile. We want to get up to 450 early in the year, early — by the end of this year. But basically, early next year, we’ll be up to 450. Maybe even soon than that. And ultimately, what we’ve done on the wall is incredible.

The amount of — and I can say this to John from Texas — John Cornyn — the numbers are incredible, in terms of coming across. We’ve stopped it. And that 170-mile stretch where we have the wall, it’s like — it’s like a different world. People used to just drive right across and nobody could do anything about it. Now we have a tremendous, powerful wall there, and it’s been — it’s been incredible, because a country needs to have borders. And you don’t have borders if you have people pouring in by the tens of thousands. And we have totally stopped it. So it’s been — it’s been a great thing.

So we’re going to sign this right now. Before I do, I think I’ll ask the Vice President if he’d like to say anything, and maybe some of the people in the room. They’ve all been very instrumental in this, and they’ve been great friends of our country.

Mike, please.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, thank you, Mr. President. And thanks to your leadership, the leadership of the members of the House and Senate who are gathered here, and frankly, the bipartisan support that we’ve enjoyed in this effort, more help is on the way. Small businesses will be able to keep even more Americans on the payroll while our nation makes our way through the coronavirus.

And critical funding for hospitals, Mr. President —
source: WhiteHouse.gov Website under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

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