Labor fails Shooters and Hunters in the Senate. Shooters contributed $2.4 billion to our economy

Bridge McKenzie Media Release: The Nationals in the Senate have condemned state Labor governments for using COVID-19 to enforce outrageous bans on the sale of firearms and ammunition. The Australian Senate today supported Nationals Senate Leader and Senator for Victoria Bridget McKenzie’s motion despite Labor and The Greens voting against it. Senator McKenzie’s motion called out state Labor governments for failing to recognise and respect the significant social, economic and environmental benefits of hunting and shooting to Australia. As a proud law-abiding firearm owner herself, Senator McKenzie said she was sick and tired of the biased and discriminatory behaviour towards fellow law-abiding firearm owners by the likes of Labor and The Greens. “Today in the Senate, Labor and The Greens showed their true colours in voting against this motion. Restrictions, regulations and policies affecting recreational shooters and hunters, farmers, fishers, law-abiding firearms retailers, owners and the firearms industry should be based on facts and not ideological dogma,” Senator McKenzie said. “State Labor governments have backtracked and reversed their shifty, outrageous attempts to ban the sale of firearms and ammunition. This is thanks to strong fact-based advocacy from our shooting and hunting groups and National Party MPs and Senators. “These bans were ill-informed, and it was unfair treatment of recreational shooters who contributed $2.4 billion to our economy in 2018. “The disgraceful agenda of Labor and the Greens has been laid bare. They used an international health pandemic to try to stop us doing what we love, shooting at our local clubs or hunting with family and friends.”

How it played out in the Senate: Senator Bridget McKENZIE (Victoria—Leader of the Nationals in the Senate) Hunting and Shooting: Before moving general business notice of motion No. 584, I ask that the name of Senator Stoker be added to the motion. I, and also on behalf of Senators McMahon, Canavan, McDonald, Davey and Stoker, move:

That the Senate—(a) notes that:

(i) Australia’s hunters and shooters contributed 2.4 billion to our economy in 2018, while recreational hunting made a net contribution of $335 million, adding 3,300 jobs,

(ii) game hunting expenditure has created 2,383 jobs in the State of Victoria, 1,115 as a direct result of hunting expenditure and 1,268 of which were a result of flow-on effects (2013),

(iii) the economic impact of all hunting by game licence holders in Victoria is $177 million, with a flow-on impact of $262 million and a total impact of $439 million,

(iv) regional communities have missed out on considerable revenue from hunting as a result of the summer bushfires and COVID-19 pandemic, and

(v) hunters and shooters are more likely to meet sufficient physical activity requirements than the average Australian adult; and

(b) condemns state Labor Governments for:

(i) Failing to recognise and respect the considerable social, economic and environmental benefits of hunting and shooting to communities across regional Australia, and

(ii) their bias and discriminatory decision to restrict firearm and ammunition sales using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse.Question agreed to.

Senator GALLAGHER (Australian Capital Territory—Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate): We’d like our position recorded on that motion; thank you.

The PRESIDENT: It is so recorded.

Senator WATERS (Queensland—Leader of the Australian Greens in the Senate) (12:38): Likewise, Mr President.

The PRESIDENT: Likewise for the Greens.

Senator ROBERTS (Queensland) : I’d like my support of the motion recorded.

Senator McKENZIE (Victoria—Leader of the Nationals in the Senate) (12:39): I’d like the coalition government’s decision recorded as well.???????????

Attribution: Parliament of Australia Website