Friday, October 23, 2020
Friday, October 23, 2020


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Gold Coast and Tweed locals reminded to renew border pass “Link Provided”

Gold Coast and Tweed locals reminded to renew border pass “Link Provided”

Cross-border commuters are being reminded to renew their Queensland Border Declaration Pass with the document expiring after each seven-day period.

Anyone entering Queensland is required to complete the pass which is valid for seven days or until the person’s circumstances change, whichever is shorter.

Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler said locals who cross the state border frequently could help speed up processing by updating their pass.

“We encourage locals crossing the border regularly to go online and ensure their border declaration pass is up-to-date,” Chief Superintendent Wheeler said.

“The easy online process takes as long as brushing your teeth and it will remain valid for seven days or unless your circumstances change.

“Police can process vehicles at the checkpoint quicker if everyone clearly displays a valid border declaration pass.”

He said police were processing up to 100,000 vehicles per day across five Gold Coast checkpoints.

“We thank everyone, particularly locals in the Tweed, for being patient during the border crossing process.

“Unfortunately, with such a large volume of vehicles being processed at our checkpoints, delays are inevitable and unavoidable.”

The Queensland Police Service is committed to ensuring everyone complies with public health directions and will continue to enforce restrictions at the border.

Vehicles will continue to be intercepted at random where police will verify declarations with identification.

Providing false information on the declaration or entering Queensland unlawfully could result in a $4,003 fine.

Since July 10, ten people have been fined for containing untrue information on their declaration pass.

The Queensland Border Declaration Pass can be accessed at

Source: The State of Queensland (Queensland Police Service) 2019
Queensland Government

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