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$1,334 COVID-19 infringement notices large car rally in Rochedale

$1,334 COVID-19 infringement notices large car rally in Rochedale

Queensland police were left disappointed and frustrated after issuing 58 COVID-19 infringement notices at a large car rally in Rochedale (Saturday, April 5) with State Disaster Coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski saying such blatant disregard puts all Queenslanders at risk.

The $1,334 infringement notices for failing to comply with a COVID-19 direction issued by the Chief Health Officer (CHO) were issued to drivers and passengers, males and females, aged between 17 and 30.

Around 10 pm police were alerted to a gathering at Brickworks Place involving approximately 150 cars and a large number of people congregated in a warehouse carpark.

Multiple police units responded with many of the cars attempting to flee the area, with some driving across grassland and becoming bogged in the process.

Deputy Commissioner Gollschewski, the State Disaster Coordinator said an integral part of the Queensland Police Service response to the COVID-19 pandemic is to improve the safety of Queenslanders through ensuring compliance with the CHO’s directions, particularly around self-isolation, mass gatherings, borders, non-essential business activity and private residence gatherings.

“This is all about safety. About saving lives. About stopping the spread of COVID-19. We all, every single one of us, must do our bit. We are in this together.

“It is inexcusable what happened at Rochedale last night and such blatant disregard for the lives of Queenslanders will not be tolerated.

“Largely Queenslanders have made significant adjustments to their lifestyle in order to comply with these health directives, to help protect their families, friends, neighbours and the broader community, and I thank them for that.”

Information regarding the Chief Health Officer’s direction – Home Confinement, Movement and Gathering – can be found here:


Source: myPolice Queensland Police News www.qld.gov.au


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